A motorcycle flashed at 115 km / h instead of 50 at rue de Dour in Boussu

Distracted driving causes many accidents each year in Belgium. From November 17 to 20, the Boraine Police Zone participated in the campaign to fight against this scourge. Among the bad behavior targeted there was of course the use of mobile phones. It is important to remember that the risk of an accident is multiplied at least by three for a call, and by ten for sending a message.

During this campaign, 147 people were checked. 15 of them used their mobile phone while driving. Even more disturbing, 16 people were reading a book, putting on make-up, etc. while driving. 31 minutes were therefore drawn up and two permits were withdrawn.

But distracted driving is not the only cause of accidents. Speed ​​is also responsible. This is why radar checks are regularly carried out on Boraine police territory. “Yesterday, our radar operator recorded, on sections where the maximum speed is set at 50 km/h, a speed of 94 km/h at rue de Chièvres in Sirault. A motorcycle and a car hold the records for the day at rue de Dour in Boussu where the two-wheeler was checked at 115 km/h and the car at 94 km/h. Finally, at rue Ferrer de Frameries, the maximum speed recorded was 87 km/h”, indicates the boraine police zone.

On the side of the Mons/Quévy police zone, the results are more reassuring. From Friday, 61 vehicles were checked. 56 drivers were negative and 5 positive for the alcohol test. Three technical control defects, three immediate perceptions for driving in the wrong direction, going through a red light and speeding and a driver’s license defect with immobilization of the vehicle were noted.

On Sunday, four immediate perceptions for mobile phones at the wheel, two technical control defects, one-way traffic and one driver’s license defect with immobilization of the vehicle were sanctioned.

The control operation was carried out in Mons intra and extra-muros, Grands Prés, Saint-Symphorien, Jemappes, Cuesmes, Ciply, Mesvin and Hyon. “Rather positive results for our Police Zone which encourages citizens to remain attentive behind the wheel and reminds us that careful driving saves lives”, concludes the Mons / Quévy police.

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