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Charges in an aggressive tone called alert in General Severiano

Photo: Reproduction Botafogo TV
Photo: Reproduction Botafogo TV

This Wednesday morning (15) started tense at Espaço Lonier, CT where the Lone Star cast works. A group of approximately 50 people invaded the place and made nervous demands about the situation of the Botafogo in the Brasileirão. Coach Luís Castro talked to the members of the entourage, but the scare taken impacted the direction. As an institutional response to the act, the sports director, André Mazzuco and Castro himself, recorded a video for the crowd.

Castro asked for unity: “Your sadness is my sadness. Your frustration is my frustration. Your disappointment is my disappointment. In me, all this generates more ambition and more determination. I wish that all Botafogo people are on our side, only then will it be possible to move forward. Violence can never be our partner. Violence can never go hand in hand with us. All together we can make a great Botafogo. Tomorrow we will have another great challenge and united we will be able to overcome it successfully”, declared the commander Alvinegro, citing the duel against São Paulo, which takes place this Thursday (16), at Nilton Santos Stadium.

The invasion became a case of the police, with the direction of Glorioso calling for “severe measures” to be taken. The fact exposed the fragility of the security of the place and the Club has already announced that it will provide improvements in its CT. The Club released an official note, repudiating the events. Mazzuco, also participated in the video addressed to the fans and asked for reflection.

“There is a need for a deep reflection of Brazilian football on this type of event, which happened with other clubs. This cannot be trivial. We are aware of the club’s moment, we didn’t plan. Now the obligation is to look for a solution. All athletes are committed and trust the Botafogo project since its beginning, and that is three months ago, with John (Textor, businessman who bought SAF), with Castro and with the new board. We believe that we ourselves will get out of this. Botafogo is huge and the crowd will continue to support it”; nailed André Mazzuco.

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