Lichaa and her former partner Kara Childerhouse;  and the odd man out, Adam Elliot.

There is a case in Australia that generates uncertainty and has more than one stunned: Michael Licha He was acquitted after a novel judicial process. The Australian rugby figure had an incident with his former partner and a friend of his, but they finally withdrew the accusations and the Justice acquitted him.

The facts go back to when one night Michael found his ex-partner Kara Childerhouse and Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs teammate Adam Elliot having sex in their backyard. It was there that after finding them, the 29-year-old player stormed into his house, hit the glass window of the front door and severely cut his arm. In that violent act he also started shouting different threats and the neighbors heard a man saying: “I’m going to kill her” so they decided to call the police.

The security forces appeared at the home and arrested Lichaa, who was also accused of domestic violence since Childerhouse denounced that they had tried to assault her. Even so, this Friday the situation took a completely unexpected turn.

Lichaa and her former partner Kara Childerhouse; and the odd man out, Adam Elliot.

All parties involved were summoned to testify, but Kara Childerhouse refused to appear in court to testify against her ex-fiancé. Although the authorities tried to contact her both at her home and by phone, she did not respond or appear.

In the meantime, Adam Elliott he did decide to appear, but his testimony was not consistent with what they had previously stated. After it was suggested to him that his former teammate had assaulted Childerhouse, he stated: “I disagree.”

The news portal of the New York Post detailed the player’s story before the Justice and in his testimony he declared: “I couldn’t get the image of my fiancée doing oral sex on my best friend out of my head.” Although in that violent reaction he suffered a serious cut on his arm, lost more than two liters of blood and was arrested by the police, he assured that what he experienced led him to reflect and he started therapeutic treatment. “It’s not something that men talk about too much, especially mental health. But it’s something that I think is massive.”He commented in court.

After the statements, the judge decided to place a two-year probation order on him and upon leaving the court Lichaa declared: “I am glad that the truth was finally known. I had a lot of trust in the truth all the time. I want to put everything behind me now and move on with my life and the happy days ahead.”

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