A truck driver stuck in his cabin on fire, saved by Dominiek: "If we hadn't taken him out, he wouldn't have survived"

Dominiek saw the serious accident that took place this Monday afternoon on the E314 motorway up close. A collision took place between two trucks in traffic jams on the motorway near Genk.

While the traffic forced to accelerate then brake suddenly, a first truck managed to stop in time not to hit the vehicle which had stopped in front of it. But the one who preceded him was not so lucky and ran into him. “One moment, we could accelerate and the next moment, we had to brake until almost stopping. That’s how the accident happened, confided Dominiek to our colleagues from Belang Van Limburg.

Following this shock, a fire broke out in the cabin of the first truck and its driver seemed to be trapped inside. Dominiek didn’t hesitate for a second and rushed to the cabin of the first truck to help him.

“I ran to this truck as fast as I could to see if I could help. A driver involved in the accident also approached. We saw that the driver was stuck, but we did not was able to open the door. The trucker then quickly ran to his truck to retrieve an iron bar. With that, we broke the window. By then, the fire had already reached the cabin. The driver was in excruciating pain. He shouted. But we had no choice but to take him out. If we hadn’t done that, he wouldn’t have survived…”, he says.

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