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If anyone has ever asked you what your favourite colour and you stopped to think, you probably answered ‘blue’; the explanation is in science

Photo: reproduction Getty Images
Photo: reproduction Getty Images

When asked about the favourite colourcertainly most people’s answer is unanimous: blue. And this has to do with factors you can’t even imagine! But the explanation is simple: our preference is based on the experiences we develop with colors as time passes and we become more mature. Even in childhood, we already associate blue with cool characters and black with villains.

This is the result of a survey carried out by teachers Lauren Labrecquegives University of Rhode Island and Karen Schlossgives University of Wisconsinwho in an interview with BBC revealed that we like blue better because we link it to objects we already like naturally (like an all blue sky or clear water).

“This explains why different people have different preferences for the same color and why their preference for a certain color can change over time”said the professor of the area of ​​psychology Karen Schloss during the interview. In other words, our preferences for colors have to do with the experiences we accumulate during our lives.

While blue is most people’s favorite color, there are other trends in color relationships observed in research. According to researchers from University of Glasgow, younger women mostly like purples and reds, and younger men prefer green. Dark yellow or yellowish brown brings us bad memories associated with this color, such as spoiled food or feces.

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