According to science, Amber Heard has one of the most perfect faces in the world

What is the golden ratio? It is a geometric rule of harmony defined by a number, the “golden number”, with a value of 1.6180339887. He defines the “divine proportion”, or even “golden proportion”.

The use of the golden ratio has made it possible to draw up a cartography of the human face. The closer the proportions of the face are to the ratio of the golden ratio, 1.618, the more perfect they are, which makes a person pleasing and pleasing to the eye that looks at them.

Dr. Julian De Silva, a British cosmetic surgeon, said Amber Heard’s face is the closest to perfection, at exactly 91.85%. You can hardly do better using digital facial mapping technology.

“Amber Heard is the closest to the principles of physical perfection”he said in an Instagram post.

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