Activists attack a priceless BMW decorated by Andy Warhol

Lthe protests in defense of the environment They are always justified, but those of us who are passionate about motorsports and cars in general have had our hearts skip a beat to see how several activists (at least five, although surely there were more involved) have thrown 8 kg of flour on the famous BMW M1 decorated by Andy Warhol.

Activists throw 8 kg of flour on a priceless BMW decorated by Andy Warhol

The events have happened in milan, where the car is exposed. In the images you can see how the activists pass the cordons that separate the public from the car and they begin to throw the flourwhile people are stunned and the events begin to be photographed and recorded by visitors.

Valuable both the car and the paint

The car itself has a almost priceless value. On the one hand, the ‘canvas’ that the artist used is a bmw m1a supercar with an inline six-cylinder engine and 277 hp manufactured between 1978 and 1981 of which only produced 453 units. If that was not enough, tell him that it is a car prepared for the procar championship. That is, it comes with the specifications of a trophy which was held from 1978 to 1980 as prelude to the Formula 1 races and in which the drivers of the premier category of motorsports competed.

Andy Warhol, decorating the famous car.

Andy Warhol, decorating the famous

With these ingredients we already have that the value of the car is close to the million euros. But to this we must add that the decoration itself is a Andy Warhol artwork, whose name is usually accompanied by the exorbitant figures for which his creations are sold. In fact, several of his works have exceeded 100 million euros. So, what can be the real value of the car?… Who knows if it could come close to this exorbitant figure.

no apparent damage

The good news is that the car It doesn’t look like it’s been damaged. An aspiration of the flour and a competent cleaning of those components through which the dust of this substance has been able to enter (mainly the air filter) and the car will look like always.

Of course, surely the next time they expose it, it will have more security measures.

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