After a check-up visit to his ophthalmologist, a man comes out blind

Two years ago, on October 5, 2020, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, a forty-year-old had an appointment with his ophthalmologist for a routine check of his sight in order to obtain rest glasses.

From the start, the man from Marseille feels that something is wrong… The doctor first asks him to sit down and put his forehead on a machine without moving. The patient at the time challenges him by first asking him to leave it to him to explain why he made this appointment. What the ophthalmologist does not react to and sends a laser into the eyes of his patient! This process is used to treat cataracts, a disease that the Marseillais does not have… He explains to our colleagues from BFM: “I asked him ‘every time you press the button, what does it do?’ He told me ‘I’m making holes, your vision will deteriorate, and I’m going to have to operate on you’, and he called me Frédéric. The next day I woke up I was blind“.

I’m in the event, I earned a very good living and there it is the galley “. The man is traumatized and was still able to regain part of his sight thanks to fairly substantial operations. The ex-patient asks that the practitioner be suspended from his duties.

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