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The duo performed at Uzina and decided to end the show after great difficulty in containing the fight.

Photo: Instagram/Henrique and Juliano
Photo: Instagram/Henrique and Juliano

The show by the duo Henrique & Juliano on Friday night (5), in Sorocaba (SP), at UZNA, had to be interrupted after a general fight broke out in the audience. Henrique tried to contain the confusion, until he announced the end of the presentation, which was not yet close to the end. The singer apologized to the audience and regretted that they could not continue the show amid the fights.

When trying to help control the situation, singer henrique even had his microphone knocked down. “Guys, the show is over”, said Henrique, adding: “Sorry, really. It’s not because of you, no. It’s really serious. You don’t really deserve an event organized this way. The house needs to be better able to receive the public. Most came here to enjoy, to have fun and not for that. I didn’t leave the house for that”, regretted Henrique, who also asked: “Control the environment, let it control”.

The duo, which today is one of the biggest names in the country with established hits, numbers in the billion mark and a legion of fans, will undergo a change later this year. In an interview with the Metrópoles column, the duo stated that they will end their contract in October with WorkShow, the office that has managed them since the beginning of their careers: “We will decide if the management of our career will be together or if it will be up to us alone”, said Henrique to the column.

Of the last three new works by the duo, two have already surpassed the mark of more than 1 billion plays on Spotify. From the album Manifesto Musical, also a hit in the country, the track Arrahão is the most viral of this project and has reached more than 200 million plays on Spotify. Also this year, they achieved the feat of being considered the biggest artists on the Virgin label, which they have been a part of since September 2021.

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