Koji Miyoshi.

Koji Miyoshi. © BELGA

After Refaelov and Juklerod last season, Aurelio Buta is now also leaving Antwerp on a free transfer. The Portuguese right back, who has been with the Great Old since 2017, leaves the club for free and signs with Frankfurt for four years. And so, in the meantime, the question arises: what about Benson and Koji Miyoshi, whose contract expires in 2023?

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Benson and Miyoshi (both 25) are in contrast to Haroun, for example, players who can and want to capitalize on Antwerp. But as they only have a commitment until the end of next season, action is needed. In Miyoshi’s case, the situation is simple: extend or sell next summer. Since the Japanese winger only played 1,337 minutes this season, partly due to injuries and there were no concrete future talks, there is a real chance that it will be the latter. If the board still wants to keep him and give him a new contract, it will have to act quickly.

In Benson’s case, they are more relaxed at the Bosuil, because there is still an option in his contract, until 2024. But they should not be too relaxed. The Belgian winger, like Miyoshi in his third season at the Great Old, has made good progress under Brian Priske and has been waiting for a while for a proposal to extend for the first time. There have been exploratory talks before, but nothing more. Will sporting director Marc Overmars change that in the short term? Because the longer you delay, the less the player will be inclined to add more. And option or not, that would be detrimental to its future resale value.

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