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The couple’s prenuptial agreement would have a clause with the ‘promise’ of sex four times a week

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
© Amy Sussman/Getty ImagesBen Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Accustomed to spotlights, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck came back into the spotlight recently, after the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia published a the couple’s alleged prenuptial agreementwhich would have an unusual clause: sex four times a week.

The subject became the agenda until the GNT’s Saia Justa program. At the time, the actress Deborah Secco and the presenter Sabrina Sato reviewed the presumed decision. “Both are really delicious. I also look at Duda (Nagle) and I think it’s beautiful, delicious, wonderful. But the will… I don’t even have the parakeet for that, to be honest.“, joked the ex-Record.

Deborah also opined: “My life is so difficult that we get desperate when my daughter goes out with a ‘little friend’. We run when we get a little time. We don’t do it four times a week, but I wish I had time to do more.“.

Is there a rule?

Doctor Jairo Bouer, columnist for VivaBem, from UOL, explains that couples tend to have sex more at the beginning of their relationship.. However, the professional emphasizes that there is no rule, since everything depends on each person’s level of satisfaction.

According to the media outlet, there is no ideal number of sex frequency. According to the site, what matters is that relationships are satisfactory, always with consent and protection. Follow more news about health here, at Bolavip Brasil.

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