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The singer recently announced the end of her 17-year marriage.

Image: Reproduction/official Instagram of Wanessa Camargo
Image: Reproduction/official Instagram of Wanessa Camargo

After announcing the end of her 17-year marriage to businessman Marcus Buaiz, ​​the singer Vanessa Camargo appeared on social networks to thank the fans for the affection in this difficult time in which he is living. This is the first time that Zezé di Camargo’s daughter appears publicly after signing the divorce.

In a post this Saturday afternoon (14), the singer appeared smiling as she sent a message of thanks for her support: “Hi my loves! Passing by to thank you for so much affection these last few days. May your Saturday be beautiful and light, as life should be”, he said.

In the announcement of the end of the marriage, the ex-couple stated that the end was peaceful and that both will continue to be a family with their children. However, according to Léo Dias, a columnist for Metrópoles, the singer and the businessman would have signed the divorce papers in a virtual way so as not to meet in person.

After the news became public, rumors emerged that the reason for the end of the union would have been the reunion of the singer with the actor Dado Dollabella, in which together they lived a troubled relationship marked by comings and goings.

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