After the floods, Chaudfontaine is looking for 3 million

In Chaudfontaine, as elsewhere in the Vesdre valley, the scars of the floods of July 14, 2021 are still clearly visible today. Many infrastructures have been completely destroyed and this has led to a reduction in the number of tourists in this valley with significant repercussions for the Horeca and the shops in the valley. Rebuilding essential tourist sites as quickly as possible has become a priority for RSI, the Royal Tourist Office of Chaudfontaine, the ABSL which promotes tourism in Chaudfontaine.

“Before the disaster, Source O Rama and its two museums, the WATERHOUSE water museum and the ARTHOUSE Modern Art trail, welcomed many families and an impressive number of schoolchildren from all over Belgium”, explains Véronique Billet , Director of RSI. “Source O Rama thus played an important role in the Vesdre valley, both in terms of tourism, with essential economic benefits at the gateway to the Ardennes, and in terms of cultural mediation, with educational and fun activities”.

The project plans to rebuild the 2 museums using a new interactive approach and maintaining an educational character so that the visit becomes a lively and useful experience for young and old. The renovation will be designed with the most audacious environmental techniques. “The project also aims to revive the thermal town of Chaudfontaine. Indeed, Chaudfontaine is the only town in Belgium that has hot springs. It is time to take advantage of this considerable asset!

But ambition has a price and the necessary investment is significant. Part of it already comes from indemnities granted by insurance companies. But there are still some 3 million to be found. As a result, Source O Rama decided to turn to the B-to-B sector.

A significant tax deduction

The non-profit organization has contacted the King Baudouin Foundation in order to allow its donors to benefit from tax deductibility, by opening a ‘Project Account’. In fact, donations from 40 euros per year made to the King Baudouin Foundation give rise to the following tax advantages: For the individual donor, the tax reduction is 45% of the amount actually donated. A business will also benefit from tax deductibility. The maximum deductible amount is 5% of the tax result obtained at the end of the first operation, with a ceiling of €500,000.00. The advantage is linked to the tax rate to which the company is subject. Based on a corporate tax rate of 25%, for example, the advantage for a company that makes a donation of 100 euros will be 25 euros. Do you want to support this project? You have the opportunity to make a donation to support the Chaudfontaine RSI via a project account, opened with the King Baudouin Foundation: IBAN: BE10 0000 0000 0404 – BIC: BPOTBEB1 – structured communication +++ 623/3688/10075 +++. It is also possible to make an online donation via the following page:

Info: 04/229.37.07 or at the Chaudfontaine Tourist Office on 04/364 20 20.

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