After the prohibition of the sale of beers in the stadiums of the World Cup in Qatar, Budweiser revealed who will keep that merchandise

The brand was one of the most affected by the measure announced less than 48 hours before the World Cup. One more incentive to support the Argentine National Team.

The ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages in stadiums from Qatar less than 48 hours before the start of the 2022 World Cup meant a hard blow for the brands that market them. Between them Budweiserwhich this Saturday announced what it will do with its surplus merchandise.

It is one of the beer producers that was most affected by the measure, which was confirmed by FIFA based on a request from the Qatari authorities.

Is that Budweiser is the main sponsor of the event. He signed a multi-million dollar promotion agreement with the organization and, in the face of the unforeseen event, he was severely affected.

Consequently, the medium the sun He stated that -because of the last-minute ban- FIFA might have to pay the brand around 40 million euros for the losses caused.

In this regard, it transpired that the agreement between the two for this edition of the competition is around 75 million euros, while the figure for the 2026 World Cup amounts to 110 million.

In this sense, in the midst of speculation about the large compensation that they could claim as compensation, Budweiser revealed on its social networks what will you do with the thousands of cans and bottles that will not be sold as part of the event.

It was through their official Twitter account where they attached a photo of a warehouse in which an uncountable number of beer packs can be seen.

Along with the image, they wrote: “New day, new tweet. The country that wins gets the Buds. Who gets them?”they communicated, assuring that the country whose team is champion of the World Cup will be the beneficiary with all its merchandise.

The post was quickly filled with dozens of comments from users around the world who bet on their own countries as winners. Brazil was one of the most mentioned among the repercussions of the post.

However, among the suggestions and bets, there was one post that stood out.

It was the account of Budweiser Argentinawho sealed his fanaticism with the national team and pointed out: “We trust you, Leo”they published.


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