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Wagner Santiago, who participated in BBB 18, had an exclusive chat with Lucas Pasin, on the Splash-UOL website

Photos: Instagram/Wagner Santiago
Photos: Instagram/Wagner Santiago

The ex-BBB Wagner Santiagowho participated in the program in 2018, became a topic in recent days for appearing having sex in a ballad of Curitiba🇧🇷 The video was posted on the profile of twitter of the model, which maintains active profiles on adult content sites: “In the night club”he wrote. “Are you bluffing?”asked a follower in the comments. “Yea”he responded.

To the journalist lucas pasinfrom the website Splash-UOL🇧🇷 wagner manifested: “This ballad where I made the video is a very famous LGBT ballad in Curitiba. And you know what the legend of the bathroom is like, right? Rolls a lot, rolls freely, rolls all the time… At a certain moment of the party, my girlfriend and I got carried away on the track and went to live our moment in the ‘bathroom’”said.

“It’s a fetish, it’s a sexual fantasy, it has the tension of being watched, of being scolded by someone, of listening to others. Of course, I filmed everything (the sex in the bathroom) to share with my subscribers and the acceptance has been great, many people describing the experiences they have lived and many people talking about wanting to do it, just see the reports”🇧🇷

wagner has been successful with spicy photos and videos and only in the twitter reached nearly 300,000 followers. After starting on OnlyFansthe ex-brother also migrated to privacy, another adult content platform. He has already stated that he does not mind appearing naked on the web and has also defended this type of activity as a source of income.

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