Bayern's new signing Dayot Upamecano in a duel with Gladbach's Alassane Plea in Borussia Park in Gladbach.
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Bayern’s Dayot Upamecano (left) in a duel with Gladbach’s Alassane Plea. In the previous season, FCB met Borussia on matchday 1. Against whom does the master open this time? © Uwe Kraft/Imago

The old, new champions FC Bayern Munich have the honor of opening the new Bundesliga season 2022/23. Who does the Nagelsmann team play against? The schedule will be unveiled on Friday.

Munich/Frankfurt – The opening game is called FC Bayern Munich – against whom? These and many other questions will be answered on Friday (June 17). Then the German Football League (DFL) will publish the schedule for the coming 2022/23 season. The planning for millions of fans of the 36 clubs from the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 starts at 12.00 noon. Last year, FCB opened at Borussia Mönchengladbach (1-1).

The special feature this year: Because of the World Cup 2022 from November 21st to December 18th in Qatar (match schedule) a two-month winter break has to be taken. For the DFL experts, the game plan design – albeit with computer help – is therefore a particularly complex tinkering. What is already certain, what open questions are there?

Match schedule for the 2022/23 football season: key dates of the season

What is certain is that the Bundesliga will start on August 5th and champions Bayern Munich will play the opening game. the 2nd Bundesliga starts on July 15th. The World Cup usually takes place in the summer – but in Qatar it’s too hot there. It comes to the first Winter World Cup.

Therefore, the first half of the season Bundesliga after matchday 15 and those of the 2nd division after matchday 17 (November 11th to 13th). After the winter break, things will continue in the upper house on January 20th and in the second division on January 27th. The season ends on the 27th/28th of each month. May 2023.

Match schedule for the 2022/23 football season: How are the matches created?

The times when the Bundesliga schedule with 612 games on 34 match days was created manually using an “English key” are long gone. Each club was assigned a number between 1 and 18 and fitted into a scheme. This automatically resulted in encounters. Software specially developed for creating the game plan makes many things easier – but the DFL planners are not superfluous.

A lot has to be taken into account, but it just doesn’t work according to the scheme. There are many interests, specifications and the unforeseeable. These include problems with fans (e.g. in high-risk games), requirements from security bodies, requests from municipalities and cities, stadium operators or media partners of the DFL.

In addition, neighboring clubs such as Hertha BSC and 1. FC Union Berlin or FC Schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund staggered to their home games. Other parallel major events and public holidays must also be included.

Match schedule for the 2022/23 football season: DFB Cup and Supercup

The cup competition and the Supercup also play a role in the planning. In addition, there are the dates of DFB Cup. The 1st round will be played between July 29th and August 1st next season. That weekend, on Saturday (July 30), the Supercup between German champions Bayern Munich and DFB Cup winners RB Leipzig will also take place. Your two games in the first round of the DFB Cup are scheduled for August 30th and 31st. The cup final will take place on June 3, 2023 in Berlin.

Match schedule for the 2022/23 football season: European competitions

The vote must also be right at European and world level. The Bundesliga schedules must also be coordinated with the general schedule of the European Football Union UEFA and the world association FIFA.

The Bundesliga teams are in the Champions League, Europa League and the Conference League, whose games are played on weekdays. A club that plays in the Europa League on Thursday should not play again directly on Saturday or on Sunday if the Champions League is scheduled for next Tuesday. (cg with dpa)

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