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The leader assured that the renewal of the Gato was on track. However, his representative pointed out that no one has contacted him, while the term to extend the striker’s link is over.

Juan Martín Lucero is on loan until December
© Guille Salazar, Red GoalJuan Martín Lucero is on loan until December

Juan Martín Lucero has been, without a doubt, the great figure of the 2022 season of Colo Colo. El Gato has become a fundamental piece in the Cacique’s attack, contributing with goals and assists throughout the year.

His great campaign allowed the whites to fight in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores and be crowned the champion of the National Championship. The striker’s stay is one of the best in recent years at the Monumental, but it is not guaranteed.

Colo Colo has the opportunity to acquire Juan Martín Lucero’s pass in order to keep him in the club for 2023. Although time is running out, although some already took it for granted.

Aníbal Mosa assured on Radio ADN that the club had already done everything possible and even started talks to keep El Gato. However, his representative ruled it out and set off the alarm in the Cacique.

In conversation with La Tercera, Martín Prest assured that no one has warned him about an agreement for him to continue in Colo Colo. “They have not communicated anything to me, who is his agent, which they should have done.”

Along the same lines, he stressed that the least the club should do is make contact. “They didn’t notify me of anything, and when they negotiated to sign Martín, they talked to me. So now they should have communicated with me.”

The statements of Aníbal Mosa did not like the agent of Juan Martín Lucero, who sent a clear message to the leadership of Blanco y Negro. “They know what they have to do and what the ethical pathways are.”

What is the contract of Juan Martín Lucero in Colo Colo?

Juan Martín Lucero had a dream season in Colo Colo and rose as the great figure of the 2022 National Championship. This has made the Cacique want to stretch the bond, but so far things remain the same.

The Gato loan is for all of 2022, but with a purchase option until December 1. Once the limit is exceeded, the forward can even negotiate with other clubs as a free agent.

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