Messi, training alone.

Alarm in Argentina… Serious or not, the prominent press in this Argentine training session at Qatar University has set off alarm bells by not seeing Leo Messi train with his teammates three days after his debut against Arabia.

Leo, who no longer trained yesterday, did not go out with the team. Minutes passed and he did not come out. Finally, in the 10th minute of training, the star went out to exercise… but alone. And that’s the news. He began to do solo exercises but without touching the ball. He also did not participate in the protocol rounds of each training session, although the Press was already out to witness the rest of the session.

Messi, training alone.CHEMA REY

Inside sources assure that he will play on Tuesday, that there is no major problem, but the alarms are already going off in Argentina. It’s about Leo, it’s about the hope of an entire country. And let’s remember that Leo comes from overcoming some problems with his tendon a few weeks ago.

Let’s remember that two injured players have already left the concentration: Nico González and Tucu Correa.

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