Alberto lt;HIT gt;Moleiro lt;/HIT gt;  clapping player

Lhe Canarian academy continues to show that it is an inexhaustible source of talent. The appearance of Pedri was not an exception and now Alberto Moleiro (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 2003) follow in his footsteps. At 18, he leads the UD Las Palmas and is followed by the great clubs of the continent.

From what position, of all the ones in which you play, do you land in the Sub 21?

I feel more comfortable as a midfielder, behind the striker as a hitch. In the area of ​​receiving the ball to play forward. On the left or on the right I also feel good because I like to associate and face.

The midfielder is only for a select few.

The most difficult thing is to play between the lines, receive and with control go forward. It is the most complicated.

Giving assists is like scoring the goal?

I like to give the passes, I feel as if I had scored the goal.

The summer was a bit of a shock, but I’m calm after renewing.”

Alberto Moleiro (Under 21 player)

From Tenerife and playing in Las Palmas. History repeats itself. Tell your story.

I was in CD Sobradillo, which is a neighborhood team in Tenerife and it gave me the opportunity to go to Las Palmas. UD signed me and I am very grateful for giving me the opportunity to make the leap to the first team. There is a lot of commitment to young people and it turned out well.

They compare him with Pedri.

Each one is different. I consider myself very different in the game. He keeps the ball much more, he is safer in the passes, he dares but with security and I perhaps dare more with impudence and with driving. We are different, but I am proud to be compared to him because he is a figure in Spanish football who is at a top level. He is consolidated and I still have to take the plunge. Each one in his time and we will see.

He represents the Canarian school very well and a type of player that there are less and less, those footballers capable of dribbling.

It is something that comes to me alone. From the moment I catch the ball I try to face it, look for the best option. Sometimes I leave and other times they take it away from me, but the important thing is to dare and try it because it gives a lot of depth. It is something that comes from the street. I have always played in the street, on the courts with my friends in the summer. We didn’t stop, we messed with 30-year-olds who we beat. It comes from there.

What is it like to play with veterans that you saw on TV until recently?

I have always seen Jonathan Viera on television and he is a reference for me and I have the opportunity to learn from him every day. I learn a lot from him. They treat me like the little one, they take great care of me and I am very happy to be with them.

How do you live in flattery being so young and what do your parents say to you?

My parents read more than me. I tell them to stop reading things because the day I play three bad games in a row I’m not going to be as good and I’ll be one more. You have to stay the same. I try not to read anything. I don’t read Twitter and I don’t read Instagram either. My parents are the ones who are aware of everything and send me news of everything. I tell them to stop sending me things. But they tell me to be calm, that it is also something that comes from me.

I have always played in the street, on the courts with my friends in the summer. We didn’t stop, we messed with 30-year-olds who we won

Alberto Moleiro (Under 21 player)

And the friends?

In the WhatsApp groups, which will have about 60, everyone sends the same news.

Alberto lt;HIT gt;Moleiro lt;/HIT gt; clapping player

It’s been an intense summer with all the talk about you.

We finished the playoff against Tenerife and I remember that in the following two weeks news about Bara or other teams began to sound. I stand aside and let my representative take it. He informed me little by little, but he was very calm. My parents not so much because they read a lot of things and didn’t know anything. Being my first summer at a professional level, it was a bit of a shock, but now I’m calm. I have signed four years with Las Palmas and I am very happy.

What is it like to read the news and see that teams like Bara or City love you?

I don’t believe it when I see it, honestly. I think it’s fake news, but it’s true that little by little you believe it and that means you’re doing things right. You have to follow the same path.

What kind of club do you see in the future?

I see myself in teams that play with the ball because without the ball I suffer. I can also play without the ball, but it costs me a little more and I think the ideal would be teams where they like to play, I get along well there.

This is how Moleiro scored with a volley three years ago in the Las Palmas youth team

As a friend of Pedri I understand that he may have given him some advice because it seems that he follows a very similar path.

I told him that I was with these people from the National Team who were very good, but he told me ‘you face it, always do what you know how to do and forget about the others’. I keep in touch, we don’t talk every day but we send each other messages and very well.

How do you make sure that you are not affected by anything from outside when you are in the field?

Once you’re inside, you forget what’s in the stands. After the game you already realize the magnitude of where you play and what you have done. But in the field I try to do the same as when I was six or seven years old.

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