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The singer opened the game about her personal life and revealed the reason for not having an heir

Playback/Instagram Alcione
Playback/Instagram Alcione

One of the greatest singers of Brazilian popular music, Alcione opened her heart and gave details of her personal life. The sambista revealed why she didn’t have children when she was much younger. According to the singer, she was diagnosed with a myoma and had to have her uterus removed before the age of 30. The benign tumor may arise before the woman’s fertility age.

“I had to have a hysterectomy, I had the uterus removed, everything. I used to have very heavy bleeding for a long time, with a lot of pain. I would stay like that for ten days during my menstrual period. So the solution at the time was to remove the uterus”, revealed the artist, who is now 74 years old, in a chat with journalist Paola Deodoro, from Marie Claire magazine.

Later, she says that this tumor was already large and that at the time she was already approaching 30 years old. Alcione says that the pain and discomfort were unbearable, similar to an eternal menstrual cramp. She emphasizes that after the removal she felt more relieved. “I didn’t have children, but I have my nephews. My brothers started having children and that filled me up. There’s one I’m crazy about, Otto, my sister Maria Helena’s grandson, is 4 years old”tells the sambista.

Finally, she tells why she did not resort to adoption and that she has no regrets. “You can’t adopt a child and travel. Adopt to leave it in the hands of others? Not at all. And I’m not frustrated by anything, believe me! There’s a saying that I use a lot which is “be careful with what you want a lot, because you might have”. On the other hand, when you can’t have it, it’s better to leave it at that. So I don’t feel frustrated”finished.

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