Alcohol and sex prohibited: World Cup 2022, the rules promise to be very strict

Fans who travel to the World Cup this winter will have to comply with a series of restrictive rules.

The journey of the Belgian supporters who will go to the World Cup in Qatar will not be like a cakewalk. Indeed, they will have to submit to a series of very strict rules in force in this Muslim country. World Cup or not, the rules will be the same for everyone. And the least we can write is that they may deter many supporters from making the trip.

For the moment, no relaxation is planned for foreign supporters who will have to show their credentials under pain of very severe sanctions. We will soon publish a document with the good behaviors to adopt in Qatar but for the moment, we have not yet received any information concerning the fan zones and the consumption of alcohol.explains Stefan Van Loock, spokesman for the Belgian Union.

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