Aleix talks with 'El Diablo'.

Can you imagine playing the most you aspire to with someone who lives next door to your house? See your face every day with the opponent you fight in every race? well that happens to Fabio Quartararo and Aleix Espargarfirst and second in the MotoGP World Championship, who, in addition to living in Andorralike many other participants in the championship, reside in the same area, escsfrom the same locality, La Massana. In fact, the house of one and the other is barely separated for 250 meters.

This causes the two to meet almost every day. The Frenchman has to walk past the Catalan’s home to go almost anywhere and they often see each other when Aleix picks up his children, Max and Mia, from school or plays with them in a nearby park.

What they no longer do is train together, but simply because tastes and customs are different. The oldest of the Espargars loves to ride a bike and has the resistance of a professional cyclist, while The one from Nice doesn’t like to pedal very much and prefers to go to the mountains with a trial bikefor instance.

The two pilots have been living in the Andorran country for years and it may even be the case for a few months that they live wall to wall, since Aleix is ​​building another house and the farm is located next to Fabio’s current one. But they may not coincide because the Frenchman also plans to move in the coming months and will move further away from the Spanish.

Aleix talks with ‘El Diablo’.MOTOGP.COM

a cordial relationship

The relationship between the two has been good for years. The one from Granollers moved to Andorra before and, later, the two have even traveled together many times to the World Cup Grand Prix. It has not deteriorated because they are fighting for the crown of 2022. As far as staying, they simply have different lives due to age. Aleix is ​​32 years old -he turns 33 in July-, he is married with two children; Fabio, 23 and single.

The two take the situation naturally, without being bothered. “We see each other a lot, it’s fine, nothing happens,” says Quartararo, who, when he can, travels to the south of France to see his family. On the other hand, Aleix has his brother Pol also living in Andorra and they meet up for children’s parties.

Be that as it may, whoever wins, both plan to continue living for many years in the country of the Pyrenees -Aleix has several restaurants- with what will continue to meet. Not surprisingly, Andorra only has 80,000 inhabitants. Some friendly neighbors.

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