He left a good memory.  Alexis Sánchez celebrating a goal against Colón at the Monumental.  Photo: AP Photo/DyN.

Alexis Sanchez He shared a photo of the Monumental stadium on his networks and it became a trend, especially because of what he generated in River fans, eager to see him again with the jersey of his club, where he played in the 2007/2008 season.

It is known that the illusion of football fans is enough for a spark to ignite an unstoppable flame. And in the age of social media, those signals are recorded anytime, anywhere.

This Saturday the Chilean demonstrated it, who had a brief but successful stint in Núñez before jumping to Europe and becoming an international soccer star. He was league champion in 2008, with Diego Simeone as manager.

Alexis uploaded a series of videos to Instagram in which he shows that he is in Buenos Aires, training in a building in Puerto Madero. But in the images she had the gesture of showing a picture where the River stadium appears, knowing the good memory that she left in the team that Marcelo Gallardo directs today.

Sánchez was released and although in the last hours there was talk of the interest of Barcelona (where he also played) for his services, in the River world the possibility of repatriating him began to be considered, knowing Millo’s need to improve his numbers in attack. Will there be news about it?

He left a good memory. Alexis Sánchez celebrating a goal against Colón at the Monumental. Photo: AP Photo/DyN.

Gallardo went to see Gallardo

Marcelo Gallardo usually closely follows the Reserve of River. The winningest coach in the club’s history is always on the lookout for players from the club’s youth divisions. But this cold Saturday, his presence in Ezeiza had other priorities.

El Muñeco attended the match between River and Unión for the Reserve championship, at the RiverCamp in Ezeiza, to accompany his son Matíascategory 2003, who wore the number 10 jersey of the team led by Jonathan La Rosa.

Matías is a talented midfielder, fast and with a good pass, just like his father. Although he has a big difference: he’s lefthanded. During 2021 he played in Quinta, where he scored three goals in five games; and in Fourth, with nine games and one goal. This year he jumped to Reserve and after overcoming a tear he is once again a starter.

After the debut with victory over Defense and Justice (2-0), La Rosa’s team lost against Atlético Tucumán (1-0) and Colón (2-0), that’s why the duel against Unión was important, to be able to return to the victory and leave behind the losing streak. It was a 2-0 win and Matías was a key piece.

The Doll left happy for the performance of his son, one of the four he has. There are also Nahuel -on loan in Colón- and Santino, who plays in River’s Seventh. Benjamin is only two years old, but it seems difficult that one of his first toys is not a ball with the colors of River. The DT of the First -then- took photos with the fans, smiled and said goodbye. This Sunday he visits Unión in Santa Fe after a very poor start for his team in the tournament with two draws, one loss and no goals in favor.

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