Alfonso Domenech, happy after getting the pole in Neuquén.  (National Tourism Press)

the parchment Alfonso Domenechwith Ford Focus, was awarded this Saturday the classification of the Class 3 of National Tourism for the fifth date of the championship, which will be held tomorrow at the Parque Provincia del Neuquén racetrack.

Domenech established a time of 1m34s26 to cover the 4,319-meter rope course in Neuquén, escorted by Leonel Larrauri from Santa Fe from Granadero Baigorria (Peugeot 408), and Julián Santero from Mendoza (Toyota Corolla).

Alfonso Domenech, happy after getting the pole in Neuquén. (National Tourism Press)

Behind were Mauricio Lambiris (Toyota), José Manuel Urcera (Peugeot 408), Ignacio Montenegro (Ford Focus), Carlos Javier Merlo (Toyota), Fabián Yannantuoni (Fiat Cronos), Joel Gassman (Chevrolet Cruze) and Juan Bautista De Benedictis (Toyota). ).

Meanwhile, Ignacio Procacitto (Gol Trend), Juan Martín Eluchans (Toyota Etios) and Marco Veronesi (Toyota Etios) won the first, second and third qualifying heats, respectively, of Class 2, six laps.

After four rounds of the Class 2 championship, Christian Abdala (Toyota Etios) leads the standings, with 116 points, followed by Facundo Bustos (Gol Trend), 99; Matías Signorelli (Nissan March), 94; and Matías Cravero (Ford Fiesta Kinetic), 93.

John Eluchans.  (National Tourism Press)

John Eluchans. (National Tourism Press)

Class 3 is headed by Jonatan Castellano (Chevrolet Cruze), with 93 points. They are followed by Merlo, 90; Jeronimo Teti (Chevrolet Cruze), 87; and Facundo Chapur (Ford Focus), 79.

Tomorrow at 9.45, 10.10 and 10.35 the three qualifying series of Class 3 will take place; at 12 o’clock the final of Class 2 will begin, with 16 laps or 35 minutes of extension; and at 1:35 p.m. the final of Class 3 will begin, with 20 turns or 40 minutes of duration.

Anthony Garcia.  (National Tourism Press)

Anthony Garcia. (National Tourism Press)

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