All even: the history of the last matches between Universitario and Carlos A. Mannucci

Even forces. This Sunday, academic Y Carlos A. Mannucci The faces will be seen again in a great game with a reserved forecast, the same one that finds both casts fighting for different things. Although Jorge Araujo’s men want to keep the three points, they know that the northerners will do everything possible to make the house respected.

It should be noted that the last time that the creams and the Carlists faced each other, in Trujillo, was on August 25, 2019, when the tricolor team managed to carry out the match against the merengues, by the slightest difference, with annotation of Ricardo Lagos, today at Alianza Lima.

Since then, academic Y Carlos A. Mannucci they could not play at the Mansiche stadium, since it was determined – due to the spread of the coronavirus throughout the world – that the following championships would be played at neutral venues.

University vs. Carlos A. Mannucci: last clashes

07.31.21 | University 1-3 Carlos Mannucci

05.23.21 | University 0-0 Carlos Mannucci

09.22.20 | Carlos Mannucci 2-2 University

08.25.19 | Carlos Mannucci 1-0 University

06.07.19 | University 2-0 Carlos Mannucci

10.03.19 | University 1-0 Carlos Mannucci

The weekly plan for Universitario was ready

academic will return to work from 8:30 am (Tuesday and Wednesday). For these days, the players would already be recovered and ready to start with the tactical part. The technical command knows that the next team to face is a difficult one, especially at home, so this will be taken into account for the final game strategy.

Thursday will be different. The entire delegation will go to the Monumental stadium to carry out the practices that day. This would be with the objective of putting together the eleven that faces the “Tricolor”, which could be very similar to the one of the last date, due to the forcefulness that they showed against the “Churres”.

For Friday and Saturday there will be more jobs in Campo Mar, with the difference that on the last day the trip to the city of Trujillo is scheduled, which will take place from 7:00 pm, and then spend the night there. , waiting for the match at the Mansiche stadium.

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