Allianz Arena is being rebuilt!  However, the Bayern stars will not benefit from this

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The Allianz Arena in Munich is the venue for the first NFL game in Germany. In order to make the arena fit for football, it has to be rebuilt.

Munich – The NFL is coming to Germany. To be precise, to Munich! But there is a problem: the home ground of the FC Bayern Munich does not meet the requirements of the US sport, so the Allianz Arena – as has now been announced on the arena’s official website – to be converted for the first NFL game in Germany.

The differences between soccer and football that need to be taken into account include the different pitch sizes and a significantly larger squad in US sports. After successful conversion in the Fröttmaninger Arena on November 13, the Seattle Seahawks and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – with Superstars Tom Brady – meet each other.

Allianz Arena: Holes for the NFL goals and larger playing field

To the arena for the football spectacle To get going, foundations for field goals must first be laid. For this purpose, 1.5 meter deep holes are dug a few meters behind the football goals. But the Bayern fans don’t have to worry that unsightly concrete squares will adorn the Allianz Arena from now on. The foundations – once completed – will be covered with a cover plate with turf.

The position of the later football goals already reveals it: The playing field is slightly larger than a soccer field. The field goals each mark the short end of the 120-yard (109.72 meter) long field. A length that the area in the Allianz Arena gives.

Allianz Arena: Additional showers are required

But it’s not just the playing field that has different dimensions than in football, but also the size of the teams. Each team alone has 53 players on the sidelines, plus coaches and other staff. This means that larger team areas must be created on the field. In addition, adjustments are made in the cabin wing, which is only geared towards football. Additional showers will be installed here.

In any case, Bayern fans don’t have to worry that various renovation measures will affect the sacred fan stands. Although a larger capacity would not be a disadvantage. So has he Run for the coveted tickets for the NFL game already started.

Allianz Arena: Work will continue until September

The major structural changes are already underway – like laying the foundations for the posts – or will be completed before the start of the new football season. Nevertheless, the construction site will never stand still during the game. But then only infrastructural changes or cable laying should be necessary. (sh)

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