Fernando Alonso, at the Miami GP.

Fernando Alonso I did it again. A spectacular start that put him back in the fight and brought back almost forgotten images. Fix a Saturday with setbacks in just the first corner. The Spaniard, who started 11, made the most of the Alpine and his ingenuity. In 200 meters and Turn 1 he had already overtaken Tsunoda and Norris, in addition to a Stroll who started from the pit lane after Aston Martin’s problems.

Then I started a ‘fight’ from another time with hamilton and his W13, which he ended up passing after rubbing against each other on several occasions. Alonso was placed seventh without having even completed a lap of the Miami Grand Prix.

The secret of the exit

However, It doesn’t all come down to the skill of the Alpine driver, but also to his experience and ability to read the races… even when they haven’t started yet. When asked about the start once the race was over, he explained what had happened, marking as a key point the traditional drivers parade prior to each race.

“I went wide at Turn 1. I saw it at the Drivers Parade. It was the slowest parade ever. We stopped on the outside of Turn 1, so I was looking at the conditions in that area for about 20 seconds or so, and I saw that I had a lot of grip, no stones or anything. it was very clean“, declared the Spaniard in words collected by ‘Motorsport’.

Fernando Alonso, at the Miami GP.

And he added before the press: “At that point I decided I’d go on the outside at Turn 1. Everyone was braking very carefully on the inside and I gained a couple of positions there.”. Something that Max Verstappen also did to overtake Carlos Sainz in the first corner.

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