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So far, Amazon has not officially commented on the reason for the decision.

(Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images) - Amazon shed.
(Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images) – Amazon shed.

the application of amazon no longer allows shopping for digital items, such as books, series and movies, on Android devices. According to information from BBCthe decision was reportedly made not to pay a 30% commission charged by Google for apps that make $1 million or more in Play Store sales.

Now, for the user to make the purchase of a digital item, it is necessary to buy the book directly through the Kindle store or access the official Amazon website, check the cart and make the payment. This “extra step” that consumers will need to take can impact the company’s sales.

The Amazon Shopping app will continue to play and “storage” purchased items, unchanged. In addition, sales of material goods can still be carried out through the Android application, without any restrictions.

According to information from the website “Canaltech”, IOS users have also suffered from this problem for some time, due to Apple charging a fee to developers. Also according to the website, it is not yet known whether the Brazilian market will be affected by this measure.

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