Amunike: "They are always with the same thing, because I have an education..."

D.uring the first Twitch made by Luis Enrique in the World Cup, one of the users reminded him of the rude chant that they have made to him for many years in the fields of “Luis Enrique, your father is Amunike”. Luckily the Asturian, upon reading it, answered with a good tone: “Greetings to the great Amunike, whom I am very fond of. Now I haven’t seen him for a long time, but I’m glad you remind me”.

The best moments of Luis Enrique’s first ‘streaming’

BRAND has contacted Emmanuel, who did I agree with? Luis Enrique in the Bar, to find out how he is doing in his new life. He now works as a coach in Africa. “Here goes everything great. In Zambia I have found what I wanted. I am enjoying a lot with my team, Zanaco, in the Premier League. I’m growing on the bench, which is what I have to do now,” explains a master from the other end of the phone who, unlike the vast majority of African coaches, uses a “4-3-2-1 instead of the classic 4-4-2 that predominates here, although I base my systems depending on the players I have”.

Luis Enrique gets into Amunike’s joke

Amunike did not listen to the national coach’s message live, but several acquaintances did send it to him. “I didn’t see him live, but they have told me about it. I haven’t seen my friend Luis Enrique for a long time. The last time was in Barcelona. I went to visit him when he was a coach, before going to the Chile Under 17 World Cup. We were together in training. I am very happy for him, for how things are turning out for him. I like his attitude and his character, he has very clear ideas. I wish the best for him and his players, I think we are going to enjoy a great game in Spain”, points out the coach. Amunikenever has “commented on the chant with him” because he doesn’t like these things too much.

He prefers not to talk so much about his time as a player to focus on that of a coach: “My figure does not matter much how it is remembered in Spain. From my time in the country I can say that it was a great opportunity to play in Barcelona because I made several friends and met good footballers. I have been with Luis Enrique, Figo… but we are no longer players. We are in another line. You don’t have to always be talking about the same thing, about that. If they ask me, I answer. But they always remind me. Good thing I’m alive, because if not… It’s not that the topic bores me, but I think it doesn’t make sense to always talk about the same thing. You have to be educated and respect people.”

Amunike’s only goal with Barcelona

From bench to bench

Already as a master, before going through the lower categories of Nigeria, he tried his luck in the Ocean Boys. He was also later in the Khartoum Club of SudanTanzania and in the makasa Egyptian. The Nigerian, while feeding his career on the bench, is still waiting for an offer from what he considers to be another country of his: Spain. “Two years ago I commented that I would like to train near my family, but so far I have not received any proposal. If there was something interesting, if it came out… I would love to be there. My family is still in Santander, where I lived until the pandemic. I couldn’t keep waiting, so I got out. We are professionals and now I want to continue taking steps in Zambia. They are new experiences that I must take advantage of,” says someone who closely follows the World Cup.

I would like to have an opportunity in Spain

Amunike to BRAND

Amunike and his time at Barcelona: “I couldn’t show what I had inside”

“It’s going to be very interesting. The fact that it’s organized in Qatar offers the possibility of going to many games, because the stadiums are close. It’s not a big country and I think that this could make the event a little more interesting. I see many teams at a high level, but you have to be cautious and wait to see the first games to know what level they really are at”, points out an Amunike eager to check the state of the African teams.

“It is clear that the loss of Man, who is a boy who has done everything with Liverpool and who is now in another great team like Bayern, is a great shame for Senegal and for the World Cup. I think his absence not only “Africans don’t like him, nor do Europeans. The good ones always like to see them. He’s a very important player for his team and now Senegal will be forced to change their idea,” adds someone who doesn’t want to make predictions until they see how each team is doing. .

Amunike’s blackboard

Emmanuel is pleased to have learned the trade of great preparers: “I was lucky to have met Queiroz, who was my coach at Sporting. Then I was also with Mourinho. I learned from them. I have also been lucky enough to see Luis Enrique when he visited him in Barcelona. What caught my attention the most about his game is that he always focuses everything in order while, at the same time, he gives his players freedom to make the decisions of the game based on responsibility.”

Xavi is a great coach who, with time, will achieve great things

Amunike in BRAND

Another one that he likes is Xavi:”He is a great master. But it is that as a coach he has to live a thousand things that are in the environment. What happens to the players, the system, the environment… all of that. He has been in Qatar and now he has a more difficult adventure in Spain. She is still training and I think she is doing well. Continues to grow. He is a great coach who, with time, will achieve great things. “In general, he likes” many coaches. But in soccer it is essential to manage several components. It all depends on the players you have, I don’t only look at the forwards because you play from the bottom up. It is essential that footballers understand their role on the pitch.”

Opportunity for Africans

according to Amunikethe Africans continue in an ascending line: “The coaches are learning and improving. I think the dynamics will change in the future. We are dreaming of making the leap. But I think that is not the problem, but how people are valued of color In life you cannot judge someone without knowing him or giving him the opportunity. As you know, we live in a world where people make decisions based on parameters. Everyone deserves a chance. You have to have faith and trust because one day things will change, but of course you also have to be realistic. What I say is that if someone comes from Europe to train in Africa, why can’t it be the other way around? Why can’t we go to Europe? The world is transforming and we are improving.”

You have to have faith and trust because one day things will change, but of course you also have to be realistic.

Amunike to BRAND

It’s not that the topic bores me, but I think it doesn’t make sense to always talk about the same thing

Amunike in BRAND

Regarding possible ideas for the situation to improve, the Nigerian believes that “It’s not that there are things to improve, but we simply need opportunities. For example, there are people who have studied in Spain like me and who have the coaching course, with all three levels passed, who deserve an opportunity to find out if we are worth it or not.” “. And he will be happy if that opportunity comes from whatever club it is. “I don’t care about the team, I don’t think about my ex (Albacete or Barcelona). I’m not obsessed with that. Right now I’m happy with where I am, doing what I can do. I have to grow here and, if I can, in the future will demonstrate it in Spain”. The new Amunike dreams of continuing to take steps that, why not, one day lead him to coach a World Cup team as is the current case of his friend Luis Enrique.

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