An important FIFA leader revealed that he is homosexual after defending Gianni Infantino's fiery speech

“I am gay as are many others in FIFA and I have always felt supported,” said Bryan Swanson, the organization’s director of communications.

bryan swansonFIFA communication director, stole the limelight this Saturday at the Qatar National Convention Center by revealing that he is homosexual after his boss’s fiery speech, Gianni Infantinowho strongly defended the decision to have given the Asian country the organization of the World Cup in the midst of criticism about the violation of the human rights of workers and the restrictions on the choice of sexual condition.

“I have spent some time working alongside Infantino. I am gay as are many others in FIFA and I’ve always felt supported.”

“We care about everyone at FIFA. I have several gay colleagues. I am fully aware of the debate and I fully respect people’s views. When he says we are inclusive, he means it. We are here to work and there have been no problems.” , he pointed.

Source: EFE

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