The Madrid player Williams-Goss tries to steal the ball

Lfought to the end was the victory of the Real Madrid against Valencia Basket, 73-80, in the ninth day of the Euroleague. The Bosnian player Dzanan Musa, with 28 points and 6 reboundsleading the white team that kept a cushion on the scoreboard from the first quarter, and that was adjusted at the last moment by the locals who staged an irregular match.

Technical sheet

  • 73 – Valencia Basket (19+12+15+27): Van Rossom (17), Puerto (2), Lpez-Arostegui (6), Webb III (2), Dubljevic (15) -five starters-, Harper (11 ), Claver (6), Prepelic (-), Pradilla (-), Radebaugh (3), Alexander (5) and Rivero (6)
  • 80 – Real Madrid (31+10+18+21): William-Goss (-), Musa (28) Deck (16), Cornelie (10), Tavares (4) -five starters-, Causeur (5), Abalde (-), Hezonja (2), Sergio Rodríguez (3), Poirier (4), Ndiaye (-) and Llull (8)

The game started with a lot of rhythm. Real Madrid went out to La Fonteta more involved and this quickly gave him an advantage on the scoreboard. Musa will open a gap in the light, however, the Valencians will react to tie the stake. Despite the attempts of those of mumbr the room would turn white very quickly.

The great game from the painting of Tavares and Cornelie, would be used by those from the capital to leave at the first timeout with a difference of eight points, 11-19, in the last moments of the first quarter. The return of the break, served to give minutes to Riveroabsent against Tenerife, but the Cuban could not stop the scoring percentage of the whites who closed the first half with a maximum of +12, 19-31.

Real Madrid player Williams-Goss tries to steal the ball from Dubljevic.EFE

The second quarter started with the two failing teams facing the basket. The percentage fell completely, and with the second swords on the court, Real Madrid managed to leave momentarily up to +16, 19-35. As the minutes passed, Valencia managed to close the gap after increasing the intensity in defense, and after two great baskets from Claver and Lopez-Arstegui and the success of Harpers from the free throw, he translated the differences to ten points, 27-37.

This fact compels Chus Mateo to get key men back on track, Tavares, Muse and Gabriel Deckbut those from the Turia capital stopped widening the differences, 31-41.

The resumption of the game was led by the high level of scoring. The few points in the second quarter were opposed by the Valencian philosopher in cutting the difference based on triples. Dublejvic on two occasions and Van Rossomfaced the immediate retort of lull and the great inner game of real Madrid to get open to +13, 40-53, in the middle of the third half.

In the last moments of the fourth, the triple script remained on track, Sergio Llull and Musa they wanted to break the game, but Harpers He kept alive the few hopes of turning the game around, +13, 46-59.

The last quarter began with a seasoned Valencia Basket hoping to keep alive the chances of turning the score around thanks to a 7-2 run, and getting closer to 8 points, 53-61. Nevertheless, Caseur, who did not have much prominence in the clash, returned the difference of +11, 53-64, thanks to a 2+1. The last moments of the stake, served to see the combativeness of those from Mumbr this season.

Van Rossom’s constant attempts, grapefruit player of the gameI came close to those of La Fonteta at times up to three points below in the electronic, but Dzanan Musa, lead the way to achieve the fourth consecutive victory in the Euroleague of the white team, 73-80.

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