Anabel Pantoja breaks her silence and talks about the relationship between Omar Sánchez and Raquel Lozano

La love story between Anabel Pantoja Y Yulen Pereirathrough the participation of both in ‘survivors‘, goes from strength to strength. So much so that they cannot separate from each other and enjoy a vacation in Spain together. The cameras of ‘save me‘the Andalusian and the canary were caught in a loving attitude and the influencer gave, for the first time, her opinion on the new love of her ex-partner and still husband Omar Sanchez.

Kike Calleja, collaborator of ‘save me‘, connect live with Anabel Pantoja and there began a conversation in which the rest of the program’s collaborators have gradually joined.

Anabel Pantoja: “I don’t sleep at all”

Yulen Pereira He was also able to show his happiness before the microphones of ‘Slvame’. The athlete stated that he is “super happy“for sharing a meal with her friends and her girlfriend Anabel.

Asked about her mood after ‘survivors‘, Anabel Pantoja He stated that he was doing very well, but adjusting to his “new life”. “I’m fine, still adjusting. I don’t sleep at all, I’ve been with my family.”

His opinion on the new love of Omar Sánchez

Finally, the most interesting statements were saved for last. Her still husband, Omar Sanchez, started a relationship a few days ago with Rachel Lozano, former ‘Big Brother’ contestant, and everyone wanted to know the opinion of the ‘very niece’.

“I like her very much. she is a very good girl“, said Anabel, for whom it seems “great that people know each other”, because she wants “the best“for people who appreciate.

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