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In the past, the influencer even complained about donating high-end cars to Igreja Universal

Andressa gave her husband a 0km car
© Photos 1 and 2: Reproduction/Official Instagram of Andressa UrachAndressa gave her husband a 0km car

the influencer Andressa Urach didn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to arrive to introduce her husband, Thiago Lopes. The blonde gave no less than a car valued at R$110,000 to her partner. She previously complained after making a donation to the Universal Church, in which she repurchased all of her luxury vehicles.

“A brand new car, look how beautiful! Present”, announced Andressa through her Instagram last Thursday (9). The couple chose a white SUV model, thinking about having more space for their son Leon. The previous vehicle, a Kwid, was eventually included as part of the payment to the dealership.

In a video posted on her YouTube channel, Andressa clarified that the two had been planning to change cars for some time, although they were waiting for money “that never came in”. “Today is a very special day. You know a month ago we talked about the car. We had closed a deal, but in the end a lot of things happened and we didn’t get the car. But even what goes wrong, goes right.” , celebrated.

In the past, the influencer has publicly said that she lost all her high-end cars after making donations to the Universal Church. “You know I donated all my cars to the church. Porsche Cayenne armored, Land Rover, Hyundai i30 armored, Renault Fluence. Anyway, it was all my cars. I regret it because today pastors and bishops are riding in armored Porsche Cayenne , and I from Kwid”, he lamented at the time.

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