Android 12: the most useful hidden functions for your cell phone

android 12 it brings many functions that few users know about. Some consider them “hidden functions”, but it is not so: you just need a little attention to find these tools that can make your life easier at every moment of the day.

Below we share several configuration tips for android 12 so you can check all the notifications and even play without being disturbed in the most critical moments of the game.

ANDROID | Read missed notifications

Have you ever missed the notification on the main screen without actually reading what it said? In android 12all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the notification screen, where you will see a new button Record. Tap it and you’ll see recently cleared notifications as well as alerts from the last 24 hours.

If you go to Manage instead of Record, it is because the Notification History is not activated. Enable it by tapping Managethen select notification history and slide the switch to the off position. Switched on.

ANDROID | Everything in one hand

The mobile phones Android they are getting bigger, but the operating system allows you to manipulate everything with one hand. go to Settings > System > Gestures > One-handed mode and slide the switch to the On position. Below the switch to enable the function, you have two options: Put the screen in reach or show notifications. Select the first option and then close the app Setting.

ANDROID | GameMode

In case you play with your phone, android 12 It has a gamer mode. What the phone will do is automatically activate the mode “Do not disturb” when you start playing.

go to Settings > Notifications > Do not disturb > Hours. Once there, check the box next to game mode to activate it. Then tap on the gear icon Setting and toggle both items. It should be noted that it does not work for all titles.

ANDROID | free apps

  • ( $1.99 ): very good (4.7 stars in Play Store) rated scanner app. It also supports flashlight function and WLAN QR codes, and also allows you to create your own QR codes.
  • ( $3.99 ) : Are you terrified that someone might be tracking you using ? Then this app will help you.
  • ( $9.99 ): Nice niche app aimed at owners of Orbit’s bhyve irrigation hardware. The corresponding controllers can be operated and controlled via WLAN and Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • ( $0.99 ): GPS application that allows you to track various items such as speed and altitude.
  • ( $1.99 ) – This icon pack with beautiful and stylish icons for various launchers (Nova, Action, etc.) was raised to a 5-star rating by 155 reviewers on Google Play.

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