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National Championship

Colo Colo can be crowned champion in advance on the next date of the National Championship. For this reason, the ANFP has already started planning for the delivery of the cup in the duel on October 2 against the Catholic University. Its staging will depend on the results of Curicó Unido and Ñublense.

Esteban Paredes celebrated the last star that Colo Colo lowered, on December 9, 2017
© Agency OneEsteban Paredes celebrated the last star that Colo Colo lowered, on December 9, 2017

Although outside there is always talk of “going game by game”, inside Colo Colo they were calculating a long time ago when the title of the National Championship could fall in advance, the long-awaited crown that the Cacique wants to recover after five years. And mathematics indicates that in the match against Universidad Católica the star 33 can drop.

The formula is quite simple. If Curicó Unido and Ñublense do not win their respective duels on date 26, as hosts of La Serena and O’Higgins, respectively; Colo Colo will be champion if it defeats UC on October 2 at the Monumental stadium, since it would make an advantage of thirteen or fifteen points insurmountable with four games to play.

But just like in Macul, they also took accounts in Quilín. In dialogue with Redgol, from the ANFP they clarified that the planning for the delivery ceremony of the National Championship cup, the coveted Huemul de Plata, in the Cacique’s next match, is already underway. In addition, the meeting will have full capacity and is expected to be a full stadium.

In that sense, the production company in charge of the event already has the guidelines to execute the plan if the setbacks in Curicó and Ñublense materialize. But since the Red Devils play the same Sunday at 12:00, everything will be ready to quickly install the structure that frames the ceremony in case the Cacique is champion.

Pablo Milad will deliver the cup

In the planning, what comes next is to contact the white team to deliver a list of those people who can access the field of play for the eventual coronation, as well as the list of the 50 members of the club who will be able to hang the medal around their neck. . The president of the ANFP, Pablo Milad, will be in charge of delivering the trophy.

In response to the query about whether a possible violation of the rule of the use of Sub 21 players could incur in subtracting points for Colo Colo and postpone the celebration of the title, it was clarified that there are two different situations: the Cacique can secure the title and then receive a sanction by the Disciplinary Tribunal.

However, for the peace of mind of the Colocol fans, those led by Gustavo Quinteros only have to complete 254 minutes of youth in the 450 that they have left by regulation, a very manageable equation with the emerging presence of Vicente Pizarro, Jeyson Rojas, Bruno Gutiérrez and Alexander Oroz , the most requested in recent weeks.

Colo Colo will receive Universidad Católica this October 2 from 3:00 p.m. at the Monumental stadium, in the main duel on date 26 of the National Championship. For its part, Curicó Unido will host La Serena on Saturday 1 at La Granja (8:00 p.m.), while Ñublense will do so against O’Higgins on Sunday in Chillán (12:00 p.m.).

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