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The funkeira lived a controversy in the last few days after declaring that she kissed a security guard during a show, despite the fact that she recently assumed a relationship

Anitta complained about the criticism she received on the web
© Reproduction / official Instagram of AnittaAnitta complained about the criticism she received on the web

The singer anita did not leave cheap and complained on social media about the criticism they have received after allegedly kissing a security guard during a show. The funkeira made it clear that she doesn’t take into account the opinion of people who don’t know herdeclaring that he wants to continue happily with his life.

“Manual on how to deal with the internet today: Create your own reality where there are only three types of people”, began Anitta, who recently took up her relationship with Canadian producer Murda Beatz. The singer explained the types mentioned: “1: The ones that love you. 2: The ones that are jealous of you because they wanted something you have. 3: The ones that don’t know you. Fuck the rest. End. Follow for more tips”released on his Twitter account.

In response to a follower, the carioca continued to be direct and responded about not responding to the sincerity of fans when “something went wrong”. “I totally accept your sincerity. What about you? Do you accept that I chose to give a really big f*ck so I can stay happy in mine?”fired the singer.

Boyfriend sent an indirect to Anitta

With the repercussion of the supposed kiss, denied by Anitta, Murda Beatz apparently didn’t like the joke. He even wrote on social media: “Congratulations to those who find partners with pure intentions”. However, he later deleted the post. When clarifying the situation, the funkeira said that her partner would not be very adept at pranks like the one she played.

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