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Anitta reads a review, loses patience with a fan on the web and makes her dissatisfaction clear: “boring”

Juliana Ribeiro


anita comes across unnecessary comment and responds to height; The funker has already proved that he doesn’t have the tongue and speaks what he thinks

Photo: reproduction of official Instagram Anitta
Photo: reproduction of official Instagram Anitta

On Tuesday night (14th), the anita lost patience on social networks when seeing the negative comment of a follower on the web. No popes in the tongue, the singer countered the fan and the story gave something to talk about.

It all started when an internet user made a negative comment about the Instagram in anita in the profile of twitter gives singer and along with the publication, posted a screenshot exposing the most recent photos of the feed gives funker: “The ugliest Instagram of an artist I’ve ever seen in my life”wrote the follower.

It didn’t take long until anita view the criticism made by the fan, and irritated with the follower, the muse made it clear that she was even willing to block the internet user on the social network. anita used the following words: “Fuck* you’re boring as fuck*. Jesus I’m going to block. Chattering”.

It’s not the first time the artist has its profile on social networks criticized, is that in the opinion of some of its followers, she should pay more attention to published content on your profile, as you are focusing on your international careerbut there are also people who like and praise the performance of the singer on the platform. through the twitter a follower left a screenshot of a compliment he had made in January about the feed in anita: “your feed is very beautiful”.

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