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Lthe actors Antonio Pagado Y Maria Hervsprotagonists of the film entitled ‘By the hair, a story of self-esteem’a comedy about the trauma of going bald, have come this Wednesday to ‘The Anthill’ to chat with Paul Motorcycles of the tape that will hit theaters on August 12.

“It is a story of self-esteem of three bald men, each with their own trauma, who for different reasons decide to go to Turkey to get hair,” they have told about the plot of ‘By the hair’. “My character is a translator who works at the Istanbul clinic where they go to get their hair done, she meets them and takes them to see the city,” she explained. Maria Hervs about his character. the character of Antonio Pagado he was originally a fat, bald man. “I told my wife that the casting had gone very well for me, but that they weren’t going to give me the role because they were going to have to spend a lot of money to make me bald. And I was obsessed with the belly thing, so I got a very tight polo shirt and I did the casting with my guts out”, the Andalusian actor recounted.

The unexpected confession of María Hervs in ‘El Hormiguero’

Maria Hervs is an expert in castings and Paul Motorcycles he wanted to know about how one of them copes. “I’m crazy about doing castings,” he said to the surprise of the presenter and Antonio Pagado. “Of course, because they give them all to you,” asserted his co-star. “It puts you at a point of alert that when you already have the role, you lose, because you are already sure that you have it. It’s like when you want the boy you like to like you. You discover things about yourself that you don’t even discover by working” , highlighted the actress from Madrid, who assured that “half the days I don’t feel like being an actress”. “I always say that the easiest part of my job is to act, the least difficult for me. Everything else, which is what people don’t see, is what I can’t stand or it’s hard for me to manage,” added the interpreter.

Mary Hervs.

Antonio Pagado He has narrated how the characterization of his character was every day. “Every morning first they shaved my head with an electric razor and then with a blade and shaving foam. And from there they began to paint me and put me like a tulle with little hairs,” the local actor has detailed. Baza from Granada in the Atresmedia entertainment space that can be seen from Monday to Thursday from 9:45 p.m. on Antena 3.

Antonio Pagudo reveals the key to the success of his relationship

Paul Motorcycles has revealed that Antonio Pagado He has a pact with his partner in case one of them has an affair. “The thing is that if it happens, don’t come to me with the brown of eating that story. If it happens, that the other doesn’t find out,” said the one from Baza. “I don’t have a partner now and my tendency is to be faithful because I am loyal by nature, especially since I don’t have time to be unfaithful. But if it happens, I don’t want him to tell me,” he said. Maria Hervs. “It is good to talk about these things as a couple and reach an agreement because this means that things do not happen as much, because they talk and an agreement is reached,” added his co-star.

Pablo Motos - El Hormiguero

Pablo Motos, Mara Hervs and Antonio Pagudo.

Antonio Pagado He has revealed that he and his partner establish a series of rules that they renew every year. “I came from relationships in which I had had a very bad time, I had clung to relationships a lot and then I believed that the solution to that was a short-term relationship. It started as nonsense and it has gone well for us. In fact, on Friday I have to renew, I’m not going to do like Kylian Mbapp, I’m going to renew, I’m happy with the conditions, although they can be modified, but it’s been 20 years like this”, he indicated.

The anecdote of Mara Hervs with a Turkish jeweler

Mara Hervs speaks with her deceased grandmothers

Maria Hervs, for his part, has confirmed that before acting in theater he speaks with his two grandmothers, who are already deceased. “Basically I exploit them, because since they’re dead and can’t say no to anything, they always obey me. I ask them for things that are real, like patting my head to relax me… And they touch me. I don’t know.” if it is an imaginary of the actress taken to the limit and I feel it so much because it suits me because I need to relax or what, there are many mysteries in life”, he admitted to conclude.

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