The unease of Antonio, the Boca fan cheated in La Rioja.  Photo: Facebook.

My son-in-law took me in the wheelchair and when we arrived they told me: the entrance is trout, it’s not good“. Antonio clutches his head as if he were returning to that moment and adds drama to his story. A story that started badly, but had a happy ending. It is about Antonio Miguel Félix, the 67-year-old retiree who had spent 24 thousand pesos to see Boca, the club of his loves, against Ferro for Copa Argentina. But, as he tells it, that Wednesday his world fell apart when he learned that he would not be able to enter the field in La Rioja. happy. They had ripped him off.

“Now I’m chocho, happy,” Antonio says this Sunday, dressed in Boca’s official clothing, from head to toe, like a boy with new shoes. He approaches Darío Benedetto and shakes his hand: “Coming to court?”, The question. “Of course!” he replies excitedly. A while later, the captain of the team, Cali Izquierdoz, approaches and another gift arrives: the yellow shirt, with 10 on the back: “We’re done,” he says with his typical, highlighting the i’s.

On Wednesday, when he saw his father’s frustration because they had sold him trout tickets in La Rioja, it was his daughter Flavia who unloaded, expressing all her anger and pain at what had happened: “You have to be a scourge. I have a number of insults that surely Facebook blocks me. They don’t know how helpless I am. See my father cry from shame what happened when the police told him that he couldn’t go in because the tickets were trout, when minutes before he was happy telling us that he could go now calmly because his dream had come true. He was sold a trucha ticket, he couldn’t get into the stadium. The police controlled all access, but there are crooks everywhere, “he communicated through his Facebook account.

The unease of Antonio, the Boca fan cheated in La Rioja. Photo: Facebook.

Many Boca fans, along with journalists and media supporters, It didn’t take more than a few hours to make it viral on the networks, with the aim that the claim reaches the club’s leadership and Antonio can obtain some type of compensation. Among them, the Rincón Bostero media outlet, which was in charge of contacting Antonio’s daughter and then released a video of the man, thanking the institution for the gesture.

The Jorge Comas supporters’ club in Paraná also intercededfrom where they contacted members of the entourage chaired by Jorge Amor Ameal to be notified of this sad situation.

And there is a happy ending to this whole story. Paola Gómez, president of the rock, said that one of its members was also affected by this fact and communicated it in a WhatsApp group where there are leaders.

“At that time they sought to communicate with the family and were able to locate the man’s daughter. From the club they promised to take care of the trip and the ticket so that you can meet and enjoy the next Boca game in the Bombonera “Gomez detailed.

Antonio with the DT, Sebastián Battaglia.  Photo: Boca Press.

Antonio with the DT, Sebastián Battaglia. Photo: Boca Press.

And everything went so well that this Sunday, Antonio traveled to Santiago del Estero and walked through the dining room where the Boca players had breakfast. “Now I’m fine,” he told Rolón. And even he had the pleasure of greeting DT Sebastián Battaglia. “When are you going to go to La Bombonera?” they asked him. “And, when they want, of course,” says Antonio, excited that he still can’t believe how, four days after his nightmare, he began to live an unforgettable dream.

You just need to know La Bombonera.

The video of Antonio’s emotion with the Boca players

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