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Claudio Borghi took the time to explain why he finds it impossible for Eduardo Berizzo to achieve a change of players in Chilean soccer, where poor work in the lower divisions is the most powerful reason.

Nayel Mehssatou is one of the youngsters who can explode in the Red
© ANFPNayel Mehssatou is one of the youngsters who can explode in the Red

An entertaining soccer debate took place on the TNT Sports program We Are All Technicians, where the panel discussed and gave their arguments for the present and future of the Chilean team. moment in which Claudio Borghi was emphatic in pointing out that, at least in the era of Eduardo Berizzothe famous replacement of the golden generation is almost impossible to achieve.

“We work so badly that it will be very difficult to have 22-year-old players,” he began by explaining when Ben Brereton was given as an example. “And I’m telling you now: in four more years, having 22-year-old (selectable) players is going to be impossible, unless he’s a Martian. Unless someone else comes out, natural, completely natural, as many of this team were at the time.” said Bichi.

Then he continued in that vein. “They talk to me about work, what work? Let’s not say that this is a spontaneous generation, it’s natural. So when you don’t have enough work in lower divisions, it’s impossible to have players, unless they are natural types,” he continued his story.

Then he gave the European example. “Let’s go to the best youth academy, Ajax’s. How long does it take for Ajax to get a player? Eight, nine, ten years. Does Berizzo have those years to wait? So you have to provide him with players. And who does that? Nobody. Where are you going to look, I don’t know, “was his projection.

In this context, he says that “there are two possibilities, that the clubs provide him with players, which I see as very difficult, or that he take charge of all the lower divisions and start working directly with all the youngsters, saying ‘this I’ll have it in three, two or a year more'”

He also understands that the current situation complicates everything. “It’s hard to try out players when you don’t get results and people start bitching at you because you don’t win, without understanding that you’re in a process of training or getting to know players. People say we want to win. Did you see the media?”

Finally, he commented that “you have to be on the other side. When you are a coach and you see that they only want to win, you say come the historic ones. How many games have Carrot, Zacarías, De Paul or Cortés had? Three or six. So how are you going to get Bravo out of The National Team does have 140. If people want you to win, who are you going to put? Gary equaled Alexis’ record. And those who come have 3 games. It’s impossible to match that experience if they don’t play”.

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