Argentina - First Division: Students vs Sarmiento Date 3

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In their last match, the locals won and face this duel with high morale. His rival needs to recover from the last slap he suffered the previous day.

Students defeated Aldosivi 1-0 in their previous meeting.

Sarmiento lost to Talleres by 0 to 2.

The game between Estudiantes and Sarmiento will be played next Tuesday, June 14, for date 3 of the Argentina – Liga Profesional 2022 tournament, starting at 9:30 p.m. (Argentina time) in the Land of Champions.

With a big difference, the local team was superior to the visit with a record of 5 wins during the last games against each other in the tournament.

The local is in second place and reached 4 points (1 PG – 1 PE), while the visitor has not achieved a unit and is in twenty-eighth place in the championship (1 PP).

Sebastián Zunino is chosen to lead the party.

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