Ariël Jacobs about Romelu Lukaku's imminent return to Inter: "I think something happened at Chelsea that we know nothing about"


If it is up to Ariël Jacobs, ex-coach of Romelu Lukaku at Anderlecht, Lukaku will have it completely in his own hands when he returns to Inter. “I think something must have happened at Chelsea that we don’t know about, but at Inter he will have to prove himself again,” he said.

Jens HeylenSource: La Gazzetta dello Sport

Lukaku made his debut with Anderlecht in the 2008-2009 season under Ariël Jacobs. With a possible return to Inter, Jacobs again speaks of a kind of debut in Milan. “Romelu will have to start from 0 again at Inter. He has to prove he’s back. So first of all it is important to win back the relationship with the fans and a striker can only do that in one way: score goals. If Romelu comes back and scores in every game, everything will be easier. But it is a big challenge for him: he has to prove himself, both in training and during competitions”, says Jacobs.

“The fans will expect a lot from him so it’s all in his hands,” Jacobs continues. “Romelu needs to feel loved and with no other team has he had such a feeling that he had with Milan. Although I think he will also come back because I don’t think he has any other chances. With everything Chelsea has spent on him and the high salary he earns, he is aware that the chances of moving are slim. I have the impression that Inter is the only possible solution for him, especially after a disappointing year,” said Jacobs.

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Whether Chelsea was the wrong choice for Lukaku, Jacobs seems to agree. “Leaving Inter at the best moment of his career and then returning to a former side with a lot of uncertainties… As his first adventure at Chelsea had also not gone well, the English press was never really on his side. But I also did not see such a season coming. He already knew English football, so it was nothing new. There is talk of Tuchel’s game, but they must have talked for a long time before his return to Chelsea. Tuchel absolutely wanted it, although Werner and Havertz were already there. I think something happened that we don’t know about,” concludes Jacobs.

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