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The Beautiful Game

Roberto Carlos’s friends defeated Ronaldinho’s team 12-10. Bam Bam scored a brace with popcorn included while King Arthur officiated even as a central defender for long minutes waiting for Flamengo or Boca Juniors.

Vidal and Zamorano on the same team: victory for Roberto Carlos's friends in Miami.
© CaptureVidal and Zamorano on the same team: victory for Roberto Carlos’s friends in Miami.

Arturo Vidal and Iván Zamorano participated in the charity friendly in the United States that faced the teams of friends of Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos. The particular duel was played at the DRV PNK Stadium of Inter Miami with King and Bam Bam as the two Chileans in the event.

And it was a victory for Roberto Carlos’s blue team by 12-10, table in which Vidal wore number 23 and Zamorano the classic 1+8.

Vidal started as the starter in the duel baptized as “The Beautiful Game by R10 & RC3”, while Bam Bam entered in the 27′ minute. Shortly before the break, King Arthur went to sit on the bench.

And Zamorano does not lose his goalscoring class, scoring two of the 12 goals for his team: in minute 39 he scored a header with a brilliant popcorn after Cafú’s cross (6-4 partial) and in minute 42 he made it 7-4 with shot inside the area to beat René Higuita.

For his part, Vidal had already avoided two goals from Ronaldinho’s friends inside the small area. And the Chileans shared minutes again with the re-entry of Vidal, while Bam Bam was also replaced to enter again in the final minutes.

As an anecdote, Vidal played central defense on his return to the pitch in the second half and committed a penalty at 79′. For several minutes in the first half, the still Inter Milan midfielder triangulated with Rivaldo and Carlos Valderrama in midfield.

After the game it is clear that the goal runs through the veins of Iván Zamorano although the years pass by the former captain of the Chilean team. For his part, Arturo Vidal is still waiting to define his future with Flamengo and Boca Juniors on the horizon.

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