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After winning the Italian Cup with Inter Milan, Arturo Vidal has uploaded several stories of the celebrations with his family. In one he is seen dancing with his girlfriend, Sonia Isaza, to the rhythm of salsa, which caused several Colombians to write to him. James Rodríguez and Jeison Murillo annoy him for his movement.

Arturo Vidal puts rhythm to the celebrations with Colombian salsa
© InstagramArturo Vidal puts rhythm to the celebrations with Colombian salsa

The festivities continue for Arturo vidalonce with the Inter de Milan they were crowned champions of the Italian Cup after beating Juventus 4-2, in a match played in Rome and that enlarges the legend of the King.

For the same reason, the Chilean player has uploaded records of the celebrations with his family to his social networks, where there is one that brought out some international laughter.

It is that in an Instagram story the player is seen dancing salsa with his girlfriend, the Colombian Sonia Isaacwith the best salsa rhythm.

The song that plays is “Hey, look and see”, which is an anthem in the city of Cali and that brings out all the coffee side that it has

“Long live Colombia, mier… Sonia, I love you,” King wrote in his social media post, where he is seen moving his skeleton.

The Colombians

Playing for the best teams in the world has meant great friendships for Arturo Vidal, such as the relationship with James Rodriguez with whom he coincided at Bayern Munich.

For the same reason, James took advantage of the moment to annoy the dance: “Good step, King,” he wrote.

Another was Jeison Murillo, with whom he was a teammate at Barcelona, ​​who also dedicated words to Vidal: “They have it loose, daddy.”

But the jokes also came from Brazil, where Rafinha also went up to dance to the national: “Vamoooo gato”, was the message.

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