"Asking parents to pay school heating costs is outrageous, where is the fairness?"

This Friday, in the program “We must speak” broadcast on LN24, Maxime Binet received Merlin Gevers, in charge of research and political action at the League of Families, Maxime Prévôt, mayor of Namur and president of the party “Les Committed”, and finally Charles van Dievort, head of the magazine department at Last Hour / Les Sports. All three were accompanied by columnists Jean-Marc Gheraille, editor-in-chief of La Derniere Heure / Les Sports and Didier Lebbe, CSC permanent delegate for aviation.

Together, they tackled the issue of the cost of energy in schools. And for good reason, if the electricity and gas bills increase in schools, it is on the parents that these costs are passed on. In Arlon, a school asks in particular 40 euros per month and per student for heating costs. Jean-Marc Gheraille insisted on the need to hear the distress of schools. He then questioned Merlin Gevers to find out what would happen if the parents refused to pay these new bills. For his part, Didier Lebbe said he was scandalized by the situation. “Asking 40 euros from each student, regardless of the social situation of the family, is perfectly outrageous. The school must be a place where there is a certain social mix, where there must be fairness and where everyone starts from the same basis. How can there be fairness when parents are asked to pay for school heating on top of that?”

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In the rest of the show, the team returned to the recent death of Thomas, the policeman who tragically lost his life in Schaerbeek. Are our big cities finally becoming dangerous? Maxime Prévôt was interested in the situation in Namur.

Finally, as the opening of the World Cup approaches, Maxime Binet and his team have tackled Qatargate.

To conclude this program, Didier Lebbe expressed his dissatisfaction by awarding his red card to Vivaldi. “One of the members of Vivaldi had a brilliant idea when drawing up the budget, saying to himself ‘we are going to save the world by reducing social security contributions’ which are, however, wages… I am taking four sectors: industries pharmaceuticals, finance, energy and insurance. All of them outperformed during the crisis. They will receive 78 million euros unconditionally and this money will not be allocated to their employees because a law of 96 prohibits it”exclaimed the CSC permanent delegate.

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