Astronauts will be able to live on the Moon within ten years according to NASA

For NASA, in ten years, astronauts will be able to live and work on the Moon. The world-famous space organization even plans to build a base camp on the night star.

Earlier this week, NASA’s new rocket lifted off from Florida heading to the Moon for the Artemis mission. An unmanned expedition for the US agency.

This is a test flight without an astronaut and during which the rocket will only fly over the Moon without landing, in order to ensure that the machine is reliable enough for a potential future crew. Artemis has the ambition to send the first woman of color to the Moon to then develop a sustainable human presence in preparation for a trip to the planet Mars.

NASA explains: “To give astronauts a place to live and work, the agency’s Artemis base camp concept includes a modern lunar hut, a rover and even mobile accommodation“. To be continued…

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