At field level: what was not seen from the penalty shootout in Peru vs.  Australia [VIDEO]

At the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Australia was imposed on the Peruvian National Team from penalties (5-4), after drawing 0-0 in the 120 minutes of play. With the entry of the goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne in the ‘Kangaroos’, the oceanic team ended up qualifying for its sixth World Cup date and will be part of group D along with countries like France, Denmark and Tunisia. In the following note, learn all the details of the definition from the twelve steps.

In a video published by Movistar Deportes, it was possible to see at field level what the national team experienced in the final part of the match. The images begin with the squad celebrating after Pedro Gallese’s save in the Australians’ first shot. Then, the shots of Gianluca Lapadula and Alexander Callens appear, which were also celebrated by the Peruvian delegation and fans that were present at the Qatari venue.

However, one of the moments that attracted the most attention was when the goalkeeper of the ocean team, Andrew Redmayne, threw the Peruvian goalkeeper’s water bottle off the field of play. The ‘Socerroos’ footballer realized that ‘Octopus’ had his notes there, so he decided to take them off to prevent him from guessing the direction of his teammates’ shots.

Likewise, the moment in which Luis Advíncula failed his shot from twelve steps was also shown. Immediately, the side was consoled by the players Alex Valera, Miguel Trauco, Carlos Zambrano and Gianluca Lapadula. The latter also encouraged Pedro Gallese to face the last penalty kicks.

Seconds later, a shot is shown where the Peruvian teams choose who will kick the sixth penalty. This is when Alex Valera decides to go from twelve steps and gestures to the bench confirming his decision. However, the Universitario striker failed in the definition and the Australian team began to celebrate their classification. The entire Peruvian bank was disconcerted and disconsolate, not believing the moment in which they were living.

The final images were very painful. Ricardo Gareca staying alone and disconcerted; Yotún calming the tears of Christian Cueva and the national teams consoling Luis Advíncula, who was one of the hardest hit in this tough defeat of the “Bicolor”, who lost his ticket to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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