Photo: Toru Hanai/Getty Images

Dina Averina said that she was surprised by the friendly reception of the public at the international tournament in Dubai at the end of May

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Photo: Toru Hanai/Getty Images

Russian gymnast Arina Averina said that she and her sister Dina were afraid of a negative reaction from the audience during their performance at the UAE Gymnastika Cup tournament, which was held in Dubai. She stated this at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

“We were afraid that we would be booed. And it turned out the opposite. We were greeted in a friendly manner, as if nothing was happening. Despite the situation, we were also invited to a master class in Mexico,” said Arina Averina.

Dina Averina said that the sisters were “surprised that they were well received in Dubai.” “Some foreign spectators even stood with the Russian flag,” the gymnast added.

The tournament in Dubai was held on May 28–29. In addition to the Russians, representatives of Belarus, the USA, Hungary, Lebanon and Kazakhstan participated in it. Belarusian Alina Gornosko, bronze medalist of the Tokyo Games, won the individual all-around victory, Dina Averina became the third, Arina Averina – the fifth.

Viner appreciated the performance of the Averins left without gold in the UAE

Irina Viner-Usmanova

Russian and Belarusian athletes were able to participate in these competitions because they were not held under the auspices of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), which had previously suspended representatives of both countries from tournaments.

Dina Averina is the silver medalist of the Tokyo Olympics, 18-time world champion. Arina Averina is a five-time world champion.

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