Axel Merckx auctions rainbow jersey Eddy for research into rare disease of daughter, Philippe Gilbert immediately offers 10,000 euros

The Merckx family raffled off an old Eddy Merckx cycling jersey and an Ineos Tao Geoghegan Hart jersey for charity. Athina, the daughter of Axel and granddaughter of Eddy Merckx, was diagnosed with a tumor in the knee in 2019 and later diagnosed with a rare disease. She is still fighting it and papa Merckx is now asking for financial support for more research into medicines. The goal: to raise $10,000 for the Canadian Desmoid Tumour Foundation. And Philippe Gilbert wants to pay that amount in one go.

Jonas Withouck

“In February 2019, we discovered that our daughter Athina had a tumor in her knee,” writes Axel Merckx on the fundraising page. “Our world changed that day. You try to stay strong, but the reality is that you are left with doubts while feeling frustrated and completely powerless.”

“A month later, Athina was diagnosed with a very rare disease, Desmoid Fibromatosis, a neglected disease that affects only 2 to 4 million people. On July 10, I will be cycling 100 miles to raise awareness for this disease and I hope you can help me reach my goal of raising $10,000 for the Canadian Desmoid Tumour Foundation.”

You can support the action here† Whoever deposits at least 500 dollars (474 ​​euros) has a chance to win the rainbow jersey of Eddy Merckx. Whoever deposits at least 250 dollars (237 euros) can win the Ineos shirt from Tao Geoghegan Hart. The winners of the cycling jerseys will be drawn by lot on the last day of the Giro.

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