Axel Witsel, a star who makes a team

Cholo Simeone and sports management athletic They were looking for a player capable of holding the team in midfield and they found him with axel witzel. In the mattress discipline they demanded a soccer player who had similar characteristics to those of Kondogbia and everything indicates that with the Belgian they have not failed. The former player of Borussia Dortmund He has the characteristics that the Argentine coach asks of his midfielders to strengthen both defense and attack after a season of many ups and downs.

And it is that the future colchonero player is an insurance in the spinal cord. With the ball in his possession, he stands out for his precision in the pass, being one of the footballers who achieves the greatest success in his combinations of Europe. This efficiency allows him to hardly suffer turnovers and thus not compromise his teammates on defense. But if he has to defend, the truth is that witsel It doesn’t lower your benefits. His physique allows him to be one of the midfielders who wins the most direct duels with his rivals and his ability to position himself in the right place makes haggling with him a feat.

But all this is what is seen from witsel on the field of play. After overcoming a tendon rupture Achilles In the 2020-2021 season there is no doubt that the Belgian is at a high level and only the fact that he is no longer inexperienced can raise doubts that he can maintain his level during a season so full of games and demanding. how to be the one to face the athletic Starting next August.

To get the most out of your arrival at The league, there is no doubt that the personality of the Belgian international will be important. To begin with, his ability to adapt to soccer athletic and his discipline aims to be quite simple thanks to the fact that he handles Spanish with some ease. His relationship with Simeone could be direct and that is something fundamental for the mattress coaching staff. As if that were not enough, he also speaks French, English and Portuguese.

A support for the young

After a successful career in which he has achieved success in Portugal and Russia, Witsel he is still a team player. He cares about the welfare of his classmates and is the first to lend a hand to the younger ones. “In the Borussia Dortmund am helped me a lot when it comes to being mentally strong. He was very aware of me”, reveals Sergio Gomeztoday player of Anderlecht Belgian. The Catalan arrived at the German team in 2018 when he had just come of age and witsel landed back on Europe after an experience in China. The player trained in bara He had difficult moments due to the lack of minutes but thanks to his former teammate he overcame them and learned from the moment. Being one of the stars of the team does not prevent the international with Belgium Approach the players who played the least to help them as much as possible both in training and outside of it. And having such support was key for boys who were starting their sports careers.

It helped me a lot when it comes to being mentally strong. He was very attentive to me

Sergio Gmez (Witsel’s former teammate at Borussia Dortmund)

But if there is someone who knows well witsel it is Javier Garcia. The midfielder of Boavista I won the League and Cup in Russia and in Portugal together with the Belgian, they shared a locker room in the benfica and in the zenith and together they defended the same colors on 121 occasions. First, the former real Madrid He points out that his former partner is a great guy as evidenced by the fact that “he gets along with everyone, Russians, Portuguese… He’s a guy who likes them.”

But focused on the purely soccer, no doubt Javier Garcia that he will succeed in athletic. Inside the center of the field he sees him as a versatile footballer and that he adapts without problem to what he wants Simeone. “He can play both ‘box to box’ and a more fixed pivot, technically he is very good, very safe, and very difficult to steal the ball from him”, declares the Murcian.

He can play both ‘box to box’ and more fixed pivot, technically he is very good, very safe, and very difficult to steal the ball

Javi GarcĂ­a (Witsel’s former teammate at Benfica and Zenit)

Signed to be more midfielder, the youth squad of the real Madrid stands out from his former teammate: “In the national team, ever since I’ve known him, he has always played as a midfielder and he performs perfectly, he knows and knows both positions. When he plays as a midfielder he is very confident, he has a lot of experience and does not lose many balls, and when he has to play later on, he has quality and strength to lead. Personally, I have always liked him a lot”.

In this way there is no doubt that witsel meets most of the requirements Simeone when signing a footballer. Quality on the field of play, sacrifice for the team and an ability to adapt to a group that must row in the same direction are characteristics that axel witzel. Now it’s time to talk to the Belgian about the green.

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